Sunday, September 26, 2010

More Kaiser Dolls House

Well for the second night in a row we started at 6.30 pm and finished at , so thats it for this weekend anyway. We have still got a lot to do but we are getting there.
Here are pictures of the Gazebo's, Garage, Furniture, Dog Kennel.

Before all the painting,
 The Gazebo starting to look okay,
and the flowers.

The Garage still needs a bit of sanding,

This is Tanya's masterpiece,

 This is mine,

 This one is are own little 

This has  nothing to do with the Dolls Houses
Jessie made these and brought them out to us in case we needed some chocolate and of course the strawberries were a treat as well.

Tanya and I had a blast again it's so much more fun when you do projects together then you can bounce ideas of each other, Thanks Tanya for a great weekend of crafting, fun , laughter and girl time. More photos will follow and hopefully they will be of the whole completed project.
Enjoy love Tanya and Shelley 

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  1. WOW they look GREAT!! I love the colour of them!! I love all the bits and pieces that you can put with it!!

    Tori xx :)