Friday, September 3, 2010

Fathers Day Card for My Dad -in- Law

Here is another Fathers Day Card made with Handyman Lite Cartridge and Kaiser Paper Pad.
This one is for my Father - in - Law, he is also very handy to have around, he has built lots of things
around our place. He saw the card I had made for my Mother - in - Law for Mothers Day and he said,
to me then, he hopes he gets a good card.
So here it is Dad I hope you like it.
I just love all the little tools you can cut out. They were a little bit fiddley but worth it in the end.
He just added a garage/work area
( it has no sides on it )
out the back,
 so this is supposed to be him working on it.

This is a side view to show how I have mounted most of the pieces on.
 I think I should keep this one as well.


  1. Both cards look very COOL and Great Shelley!! They are GREAT fathers day cards!!!

    Tori xx :)

  2. This one is great too. Love them both!!1