Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cricut Cartridge Toy Story

WOW This would have to be my FAVOURITE Cartridge of them all.
I just love Toy Story the movie and the characters so much I feel like a little kid again when I made these.
A fair few years ago one of the Salvation Army stores was robbed just before Christmas and they were asking for good quality used Toys to give away. My son Corey had all of the Toy Story Toys and he broke my heart with his kindness as he decided to give away WOODY to a child that wouldn't get much for Christmas. I think I cried more (when he wasn't watching me) because I just loved the Woody toy he gave away, but I didnt want to make him sad as he was very happy to share it with a less fortunate child.
So I suppose I always think of this when I see Toy Story.
Here is some of the Gang

Howdy Partner

To Infinity and Beyond

Cowgirl Jessie


Little Bo Peep

I have cut them all out at 11.5 inches and I am going to put them on my cupboard doors in my Craft Room
I will finish the others and then put them on.
Hope you like them.


  1. Its hard to believe, they are pieced together with paper, they look that good! What a lot of work but worth it!!

  2. We love Toy Story too! We have 2 boys and TS3 was their first movie in theaters this Summer.
    Your cuts are so crisp and neat!

  3. WOW they look GREAT!! They look sooo real!! FANTASTIC Shelley!!! Love them the colours are perfect!!

    Tori xx :)

    ps: Love your new background!!!

  4. This cartridge is also one of my favourites... i will let you make me a set of toy story characters any time haha. They look great on the wall of your craft room!

  5. p.s.
    forgot to say, it also broke my heart when corey gave away his woody toy... if i had it my way we would still have him too. but he did such a good deed and i was proud of my little brother :)