Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Magnolia Stamps

I cant believe I am actually sitting here with my dressing gown on its got cold in Brisbane today.
Well enough about the weather, I wanted to show you what I have been working on for my Magnolia Stamps. I have 46 stamps and counting I think I have an addiction when it comes to these little cutie's.

So I decided to make a book and then stamp the stamps on the pages in the book so I know what ones I have and I can quickly look through them and decide which one I will use.
I am also entering this into the Totally Tilda Challenge # 32 - Decorate a Beer Mat (Coaster)

or Mini Album, I only noticed this one the other day so it has worked out quite well for this challenge.
This is the front of the book,
So here are my little girls and boys from left to right we have Leaning Tilda, Cool Ed, Tilda with Flowing Hair, Tilda with Lace Jeans, Circus Tilda all at the Shabby Chic Fence with Edwin's Town in the background.
This is the back of the book with, Romantic Tilda, Brother & Sister, 60's Tilda, Wonderful Tilda sitting on the Tin Boxes and Love Muffin.
Here is a close up
Brother and Sister is so cute,
And this is the inside of the book, I haven't finished this yet but I have stamped all of the stamps on the pages so I can just flick through.
Please leave me a comment and tell me which is your favourite Tilda.
Enjoy Shelley


  1. Hi Shelley! would you believe i relit my fire on the last weekend!! and it is still going.. it has been cold... i love all these tildas.. i really cant choose...bit if i had to it would be the one in the purple in the top picture in front of the fence.. she is cute... these are so lovely.. i have been seeing people use stamped images on their layouts lately and they make great embellishments...

  2. Very pretty.......Look forward to seeing the finished Book!

  3. What a great idea for quick reference for picking stamps for a project. I am not actually a fan of Tilda personally, though you have made them look really cute. My favourite, of what I can see here, is the one with the parasol. Is it romantic Tilda? Then I saw Princess Tilda inside your book. She looks sweet and I know Sophie would love her.