Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Card and Recipe Boxes

Well finallly after a few months of looking at these gorgeous boxes at Michelle Cards &Stamps where I go once as month to make various cards. Michelle decided to do an all day workshop to make them. Of course we couldn't decide on which one we wanted to make so we did both. If you head over to there website they have an enormous range of Magnolia Stamps, which I am getting quite a collection of. I have talen the photos from different angles so there are quite a few.So without keeping you in suspense any longer here is the first one for Cards.

And the Blue on for a Recipe Box.

And here are the two of them together.

I hope you enjoy looking at these two boxes as much as I enjoyed making them.
Head over to Michelles Cards and Stamps for any more information.
Cheers Shelley


  1. They are both just beautiful....I bet you can't wait to fill them now!

  2. Hi! these look fabulous! and so useful too!!

  3. Shelley they both look great! Love those cute stamps! Great pictures and colouring!

    Tori xx