Sunday, January 30, 2011

Home from the Cruise

Well Jessie and Luke arrived home on Saturday from there Cruise, they had a fantastic time and they are now ENGAGED. Luke proposed to my daughter Jessie and even had the ring for her as well. He had been planning this for her for for at least 12 months.
I love this photo its a bit cheeky but you can see her ring.

And this has to be my favourite photo they had taken on the cruise the photographer made her pose with her hand and show of her new engagement ring.

Well I hope to be making engagement invites very soon so I will keep you posted.
Welcome officially to our family Luke and of course to Jessie's new in laws, Les Judy and Casey.
Cheers Shelley

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Congrats to Jessie and Luke!! I am so happy for them! What an awesome surprise!

    Tori xoxo