Friday, January 21, 2011

Bon Voyage Card

My daughter Jessie and her boyfriend Luke are of on a Cruise tomorrow Saturday 22nd. This is her first Cruise but Luke's second. They leave from Brisbane Portside and head to Whitsunday's, Yorkey's Knob, Port Douglas, Willis Island then back to Brisbane on the 29th of January.
So I thought I would make them a card, it ended up being quite big but I wanted to make the Ship as big as I could.This is the front of the card I used Life is a Beach for everything except the Letters.
This is supposed to be Jessie and Luke waving goodbye

I used Lyrical Letters for all of the words.
Some Dolphins that they will hopefully get to see.

There very own Deck Chairs with there initials on them.

And this is supposed to be one of the Islands they will get to see.
I added some buttons by cutting the shank of the back so they fit flat, for the shells and the treasure.

Well its taken me some of last night and most of the day to make this one so I hope they like it.
Have a great time Jess and Luke.
Cheers Shelley


  1. Such a cute card Shelley... so much detail... just fabulous!!

  2. Wow......It turned out great, cruise ships are suppose to be big!

  3. Love your card Shelley, it looks great! love the little people! HAve Fun Jessie and LUke!!

    TOri xx

  4. Awesome. I am sure they will treasure this, especially since they got engaged. I think you should make it into the cover of a mini album to remember their engagement cruise.

  5. looks absolutely cool shell xoxo can you make me one I'm going to Hervey Bay woo Hoo lol instead of a boat can ya do my car "Mr Boots"