Saturday, January 21, 2012


Well the weeks are going by so quickly, my son is back at school next week and my daughter will hopefully get a job teaching,  Scrapbooking is my therapy so here is my layout for Mandy at Scrappy-go-Lucky this week.
These are the Cartridge's for this week.

Shall we dance ( Circle exclusive)

Pumpkin Carving
Inspired Heart
Wall Decor and More
B is for Boy
I don't have any of these so I have to fall back on to the back up list, head on over to Mandy to see all the details.
I have used Accent Essentials for the sun, the flourishes, the round balls, square frames. George for the pool fun words and the flowers at the bottom.
Now this is what I love about this challenge is that I have only used the Cricut cartridges no other Die Cuts, no added extras from my stash. And I have actually used a feature from Plantin Schoolbook that I didn't know how or what to use it for.
Can you Guess ???
Well I will tell you, its the END CAPS, they are on every page but I used the one on page 69 called City.
I cut it out normally first and then I realised it doesn't cut the whole thing out so I put it through again and did Shift and the same key and TA DA you have the City at the bottom of the page. I also used the END CAPS on Shadow feature to give it a darker background. I then actually cut the whole thing in half so I could put it at either end of the layout.
If I get enough people responding as to how to do this I will do a post next week and take step by step photo's.
Enjoy Shelley


  1. Lovely layout love the bright colours

  2. looks amazing with the bright colors.. i really should use my cricut more too!