Thursday, February 24, 2011

40 Ferrero Rocher's

Doesn't this one make you just put on weight by just looking at it. It was so tempting to each just a few while I made it but I needed 40 of them so I couldn't. I grew up with Janny-Lou and she turned 40 and I didn't know what to give her so I decided to make this instead of a pressie. She loved it and so did everyone else. ( I think they just wanted to eat the flowers).

Using layers of Gold and Brown Tissue paper that I cut out with my Nestabillities Scalloped Circles, because the paper is so thin I could cut out a few at a time by folding the paper. I then threaded them onto a skewer stick and then attached the chocolate. They are then randomly put into a foam brick in the box and then I just filled it with the green paper and added a few pearl and flower stems.
I hope she doesn't eat them as it would be a shame to pull it all apart.
Enjoy Shelley


  1. What a fantastic idea Shelley... Looks gorgeous. Such a shame it had to be eaten, but I do love Ferrero's they are my fav choccies!! :)

  2. oh yummy, as gorgeous as it looks how could you NOT eat them. LOL.