Thursday, December 2, 2010

Karin and her Studio

I just had to show you my friend Karin's Studio. This is just the best place to create all sorts of crafty projects. As you can see Karin has a place for everything she is a very talented lady, I went to her place on Tuesday and she showed us how to make a couple of cards.
Here is Karin surrounded by cupboards, its set out like a kitchen,

This is on the other side of the room
The table goes right down the middle of the room

These drawers hold lots and lots of flowers embellishments and pens and paper and bling and anything else you can think of.

Her husband made these shelves for her stamps and I just love the way she has all of her ribbon hanging on the back of the door, she has lots more ribbon on spools in drawers. So guess what I have started to do with my ribbon?

This is from the other end of the room and with Denise in the picture as well.

Just thought I would show you what I am getting hopefully in the next week.
My New Spellbinders Grand Callibar.
Now I just have to buy the bigger dies to use in it.
Oh the life of a scrapbooker, cardmaker etc is never dull with all the gadgets we can buy.

Well hope you enjoy Karin's Studio as much as I did and will continue to do as I make Cards with her.
Cheers Shelley

This one is for Karin
Friendship is Fun
Friendship is Cool
Friendship Helps Me Become
A Better Person
Like You !