Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Well what a lovely morning we had on  Friday for Tracey's 50th Birthday. Lola, Anna, Tereesa, Leanne and myself all celebrated with a 'High Tea' at ' Tea and Niceties on Mt Tamborine'. It was so lovely to be able to spend the morning with Tracey and celebrate with her and yes I can hear you all saying that she is to young and gorgeous to be 50 and age is only a number and she is such a beautiful person, with a loving husband Paul and her two beautiful  daughter's Jordyn and Tori and her gorgeous two sons Jay and Matt. And with the love from them and her special friends that's what keeps her looking so young.
This is what the room looks like when you walk in just beautiful.
And of course the food.
Don't you just love all the little sandwiches and cakes.
Tracey getting lots of pressie's

Tereesa, Leanne, Tracey, Shelley, Lola, Anna

This is what Lola made for Tracey,

 Its her own little Cup Cake Cake
And this is what I made for Tracey, with lots of help from my daughter Jessie,

Well we hope you enjoyed your day just as much as we did.
Happy Birthday once agaon to my Dearest Friend Tracey
Love Shelley


  1. Hey Shelley, I had a wonderful day! Thankyou so much for your lovely words, and my work of art gift! Its going to take me a little while to use to the number though! It just dosn't look right:) LOL

  2. Hi Shelley, All the gifts mum got were beautiful! I LOVE your master piece a new it would turn out as GREAT as it did all the flowers are AWESOME!!!!!!! The place you went to looks very pretty and PINK!!!

    Tori xx

  3. Great photos Shelley, sure looks like you had a great time. Love the present you gave Tracey.