Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cheery Lynn Designs in Australia

Good evening everyone
I was so excited last night as I watched this clip from the Cheery Lynn Designs Shopping Site.
I actually saw myself on here, I ran out of the room to get my husband and daughter to see me on the video, they laughed because I was so excited. 

I sent Bj and email and asked her if I could put this on my blog and guess what she said yes so here it is.
It starts of with Bj and Mike staying on the Gold Coast, visiting Currumbin Sanctuary, then on to the June Craft Show and visiting a couple of stores here in Brisbane, then they set of for the Great Barrier Reef.
There are lots of photos of the Cheery Lynn Design Teams cards and layout on here to.
If you didn't get to see me at the show you can definitely see me here I was all decked out in the colours for Mandy at Scrappy-go-Lucky. You can see me around the 5 minute mark.
You can see the Cheery Lynn Flowers that I made for my hat and the ones I had pinned on my apron and that Mandy had ironed on some of the doily dies as well. I made the ring to from the Cheery Lynn Dies.

Well thanks for letting me share this with you I feel like a celebrity ha ha
Cheers Shelley


  1. Oh good on you Shelley, that would be vey exciting for you.. I am off to have a look!

  2. Красота..подскажите как держатся открытки на стенде?