Thursday, March 29, 2012

My 2 Angels Card

For my birthday this month I received a Card from Tracy at my2angels. My2angels is a local business at Arundel on the Gold Coast in Queensland. They have the most gorgeous charms as well as a whole range of products. Go on over to there site you wont be sorry that you have.
This is the lovley card they made me,
A close up of one of there butterfly Charms
And this is my order I just received today.
They are called Charming Words and they come in different colours and the words
Forever, Laughter and Together.
I am going to have some fun with them while I am away, not sure what I am going to make but will keep you posted.
Cheers Shelley


  1. glad you got your order today :) And thanks so much for telling your bloggers about us at my2angels :):):)

  2. ooo the card and the words are beautiful!!